Outline of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan YEG)


The Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan YEG) aims to facilitate nationwide exchange and cooperation among local Young Entrepreneurs Groups (YEGs) throughout Japan, promoting their development and contributing to the strengthening of their chambers of commerce and industry.


April 1983


Membership is comprised of local YEGs throughout Japan, the members of which are young businesspeople involved in management.

Organizational structure

Japan YEG was established in 1983 within the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, encompassing the YEGs of chambers of commerce and industry throughout Japan.

Individual Young Entrepreneurs Groups in various parts of Japan
>45 prefectural federations
>> 9 regional federations
>>> General meeting
>> Directors' meeting
> Meeting of chairperson and vice-chairpersons
Various committees; meeting of regional representatives

General meeting

This is the highest decision-making body of Japan YEG, and reflects the decisions of all members in such matters as selection of officers, operational plans, and budgets. It is held three times each fiscal year, in July, November, and February.

Directors' meeting

This is composed of prefectural representatives and those members who are nominated to Japan YEG. Deliberations are conducted and decisions are made in the presence of the chairperson, vice-chairpersons, directors, and auditors. This is the de facto decision-making body of Japan YEG.

Meeting of chairperson and vice-chairpersons

This meeting seeks to establish guidelines for short-, medium-, and long-term themes of Japan YEG, related to the directions in which the activities of the YEGs of each chamber of commerce and industry are moving, the way Japan YEG should operate, the prospects of the Japanese economy, and advice and recommendations that Japan YEG may make. It also takes up issues of nationwide magnitude, presents the views of Japan YEG, transmits information to individual groups, and serves as an integrated survey organization.


For the implementation of its activities, Japan YEG has established the following committees : the Administrative Committee, the Planning Committee, the Training Committee, the Public Relations Committee, and two special committees. Their principal responsibilities are as outlined below.

Administrative Committee
Management of various meetings related to the activities of Japan YEG, and establishment and implementation of assorted rules for Japan YEG.
Planning Committee
Planning and operation of the National Annual Conference and training workshops for chairpersons of local YEGs.
Training Committee
Planning and operation of matters related to the Shosei School, and training young entrepreneurs, future leaders, and chairpersons of local YEGs.
Public Relations Committee
Publication of the Shosei newsletter, e-mail magazines, and other public relations activities, both internal and extern