Purpose of Young Entrepreneurs Groups

Recognizing that the future of regional economies rests on the shoulders of young business executives and future leaders, Young Entrepreneurs Groups (YEGs) aim at providing opportunities to pursue study and self-enlightenment through mutual exchanges. This is undertaken with a view to contributing to the enhancement of corporate prosperity and the building of affluent regional economies.

YEGs are established within chambers of commerce and industry in many parts of Japan. Their activities primarily center on research in corporate management, as they seek to promote business prosperity through mutual exchanges and to support the broader activities of their chambers.

YEGs have grown in size and now have about 29,000 members nationwide. Nearly 6,300 leaders holding posts such as chairperson, vice-chairperson, executive councilor, and councilor in chambers are former or current members of YEGs. At the same time, many others are enthusiastically active in local commerce and industry and are leaders in various industrial segments. There is also every reason to believe that those who were formerly members of YEGs are now making positive contributions to the education of the next generation of business executives. YEGs feel the ever-growing importance of their presence and responsibilities, and are committed to undertaking further endeavors to foster the next generation of leaders for regional prosperity.

Note: 444 of the 520 chambers of commerce and industry in Japan have established YEGs, and 400 of them belong to Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan YEG).


The Young Entrepreneurs Groups of the chambers of commerce and industry:

  • ・support the activities of the chamber to promote the healthy development of regional society;
  • ・are fully aware of their responsibilities as pioneers for the next generation;
  • ・help promote regional economic development;
  • ・seek to enhance new cultural creation; and
  • ・contribute to the building of an affluent and comfortable living environment.


As members of Young Entrepreneurs Groups, we will:

  • ・work for our own self-enlightenment as leaders of young businesspeople supporting regional economies;
  • ・elevate educational standards as members of the international community;
  • ・exercise creativity, expertise, courage, and enthusiasm for building an affluent living environment;
  • ・move toward the creation of new culture while maintaining our cultural heritage from the past; and
  • ・cooperate with each other in the belief that it is incumbent upon the younger generation to move ahead into the future.